NSW Orchid

Orchid is an attractive, exotic mish-mash of exotic Asian and European bloodlines making her a true example of multinational citizenry on planet Earth in this 21st century. She is a slim, perfect size 8 figure with a vivacious and outgoing personality. Orchid is one of those lucky young women whose body makes even the plainest and most drab clothing look like ‘haute couture’, and minx that she is, Orchid knows just how to work it!


This young and well educated woman is lively and playful company. Although she is new to the escort industry, she has stepped into the role of being a high class Sydney escort with ease. Her flawless spoken English has a slight but very sexy accent that only adds to her appeal and it can be hard not to get carried away in the company of such a passionate and uninhibited young lady. Intelligent and inquisitive, Orchid is well suited to dinner bookings as well as just about any social situation which requires not only an outgoing personality but also finesse and class. In her own words, this girl considers herself to be not only open minded but also relaxed and easygoing. Orchid is flexible in her attitude and tells us that she tries never to let a chance for adventure to pass her by. And time does indeed fly when one is having fun – it is easy to be riveted by this girl and spend hours in her company.
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