NSW Imi-Jean

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Blonde English escort Imi-Jean is a gorgeous new addition to VIP Escorts. This young lady has the kind of British good looks and body that will send your pulse racing: a lovely slim upper body with young girls breasts, and a gorgeously rounded 'booty' that will prove irresistible for those of you out there who like their women with some 'junk in the trunk'....! Her physique is toned and curvaceous and her soft, sultry good looks together with her accommodating personality make her relaxed and easy company to be around.

And you won't have to scratch very deep to encounter the sexual persona and charisma of this English rose - she is both open minded and adventurous, sexually speaking, and she finds plenty of her own sexual satisfaction by fulfilling your needs and providing you with exciting, carnal companionship.


Imi-Jean is passionate, flexible and smart - she really is an adaptable escort for every occasion. This girl is confident within herself, and has a very likeable outgoing personality. As an added bonus, Imi-Jean is a qualified and very talented masseuse, in both the remedial and erotic fields.

Although she dresses elegantly and often looks sophisticated, her personality is down to earth and she is a very easy girl to spend enjoyable time with and to converse with. In Imi-Jean's own words, whilst out in public, she is friendly, considerate and flirtatious - and in private, she loves to let loose the sensual and wilder sides of her personality.
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